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The "Ship" has always carried a central role in the global logistics, by coping with ever-changing requirements from the market and the society. The shipping continues to be critical to the development of world trade.

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SOMEC offers a full line of ship-related services, from newbuilding, financing, managing, chartering, sale & purchase to scrapping.

All our team members are always working closely with each other. Arranging package transactions with various combination of deals - long-term T/C, newbuilding, sale, financing and management - is our specialty.


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Backed up by rich knowledge and solid skills, our newbuilding team is one of the most experienced in the field. As broker or prime contractor, we have mediated tons of contracts for a variety of vessels from specialized boats to VLCC's.

Not only do our customers benefit from the expertise of our staff, but from our existing relationship with Asian shipbuilders robustly built through numerous newbuilding transactions as well as equipment business.

Chartering and Sale & Purchase

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SOMEC provides chartering services in the general trade for dry and wet cargoes and covers all major types of vessels for sale and purchase. With a strong client portfolio, we have a proven track record of creating new businesses and assisting a variety of ship owners and operators.

Tramper & Voyage Operation

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We support dry-bulk cargoes transportation, both on spot basis and COA basis. We provide professional and flexible services for our valued customers with safety first being our top priority.

Ship Management

For our Ship Managing Business, please visit this page .

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Our Shipping Team
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News (Shipping Business)
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Ship Managing
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Machinery Business

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Although SOMEC is a young company born in 2004, its ancestry dates back more than 100 years. As the direct descendant of marine divisions of Nissho, Nissho Iwai and Nichimen, our team has inherited the DNA defined through decades in the shipping business.
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One-Stop Partnership
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