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SOMEC received a letter of appreciation from MES

SOMEC received a letter of appreciation from Mitsui E&S Machinery for SOMEC's long-time partnership in selling their marine diesel engines. The accumulated production of MITSUI-MAN B&W diesel engines has recently reached 100 million horsepower. [Aug/01/2018]

SOMEC will exhibit at BARI-SHIP2017 with Horiba Group

Teaming up with Horiba Ltd. and Horiba Advanced Techno, SOMEC will exhibit at "BARI-SHIP2017", the biannual international maritime show. Visit our booth at A-47 between May 25 and 27 ! [May/15/2017]

See us at our booth H-41 @ SEA JAPAN 2016

SOMEC is scheduled to exhibit at "SEA JAPAN", the biggest maritime event in Japan which will take place on April 13-15, 2016 at Tokyo. [Apr/05/2016]

SOMEC and Horiba Exhibited at BARISHIP 2015

In collaboration with Horiba, Ltd., SOMEC exhibited at BARISHIP 2015, international maritime show held biannually at Imabari, Japan. The team Horiba-SOMEC presented measuring products to respond to the introduction of Tier III NOx regulations by IMO. [Jun/12/2015]

SOMEC named 'Top 10 Best Performer' by Ingersoll-Rand ITS

SOMEC received 'Top 10 Best Performance' award from Ingersoll-Rand ITS, a group company of air solutions giant Ingersoll-Rand, for its sales preformance in Asia-pacific area. SOMEC started sale of Ingersoll-Rand products to Japanese market since about 1 year. [Jan/06/2015]

Japan's Deep Sea Drilling Vessel 'CHIKYU' to use Kongsberg riser management system

SOMEC has received an order from JAMSTEC for Kongsberg riser management system to be used on the world's first scientific drilling vessel with riser, d.v. 'CHIKYU', which is capable of drilling up to 7,000m deep sea floor. [Oct/11/2013]

SOMEC Showcased Ecochlor Products at BARISHIP 2013

SOMEC showcased Ecochlor's ballast water treatment system in BARISHIP 2013, a major trade show held May 23 - 25 at Japan's shipping capital, Imabari. [June/13/2013]

SOMEC Started Selling "Hard Echo"

SOMEC has started selling "Hard Echo", Shinko Inspection & Service's nondestructive testing device specially developed for the accurate measurement of case-hardened layer. [May/08/2013]

Ecochlor Receives USCG/AMS Acceptance

Ecochlor has received US Coast Guard Alternative Management System (AMS) acceptance for its full line of ballast water management systems. This will allow ship operators to use Ecochlor system in US waters to effectively manage their ballast discharges. SOMEC has dealership rights with Ecochlor for Asian countries. [Apr/23/2013]

SOMEC, Rong An and DU signed Collaboration Agreement

SOMEC signed a collaboration agreement with China's Rong An and Japan's DU on April 24. By this alliance, the 2 major marine diesel engine manufacturers will mutually supply machinery parts and DU's LC-A monitoring system will be used in Rong An's product line. [June/15/2012]

SOMEC Sells Marorka Systems in Japan

SOMEC was named sales representative in Japan for marine energy management systems of Iceland-based Marorka. The products enable ship operators to reduce green gas emission and to optimize fuel consumption by maximizing the energy efficiency of their fleet. [May/22/2012]

SOMEC Invests in Ecochlor

SOMEC will invest approximately 150 million yen in Ecochlor, Inc., a US-based maker of ballast water treatment systems. SOMEC will also acquire Asian dealership rights for Japan as well as China, South Korea, and Taiwan and will build and reinforce sales structures throughout Asia, a region where demand for such systems is increasing. [Mar/13/2012]

Ecochlor BWTS Receives IMO Type Approval

Ecochlor's ballast water treatment system, for which SOMEC holds dealership rights in Japan, received IMO Type Approval from the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany. [Dec/23/2011]

SOMEC promoting Woosung products in Japan

SOMEC is promoting Korea's Woosung Flow Tec products to Japanese shipbuilders. With orders for 10 ships so far, Woosung is successfully penetrating into the market which was previously dominated by domestic manufacturers. [Oct/25/2011]

Hyundai Hydraulic's Block Lifter Off To A Strong Start in Japan

Hyundai Hydraulic's block Lifter products are marking a good start in Japanese market. SOMEC already delivered 6 units to Japanese shipyards and is receiving many enquiries. The Korean manufacturer has sold numerous block lifters to Korean major shipbuilders, and its product won a reputation for reliability and excellent cost performance. [Aug/17/2011]

SOMEC demonstrated Ecochlor products at BARISHIP

SOMEC demonstrated Ecochlor's Ballast Water Treatment System at Imabari Maritime Fair (BARISHIP) 2011 as sales agent. BARISHIP is an international maritime trade show started 2009 with support from shipbuilders, shipowners, government authorities in Japan. [June/22/2011]

SOMEC and HORIBA demonstrated measuring devices at BARISHIP

SOMEC and HORIBA jointly demonstrated HORIBA's various marine measuring devices at Imabari Maritime Fair (BARISHIP) 2011. [June/22/2011]

SOMEC launches Yasec's New Chamfering Machine

SOMEC started promotion for Yasec's newly-developed compact chamfering machine, best suited for the processing of steel materials used in ballast tanks. SOMEC believes the machine will be a killer product for the shipbuilders facing new PSPC regulations. [Apr/06/2011]

First Order For KONGSBERG Radar Gauge

After entering into an agency contract in spring 2010, SOMEC received the first order for Norway's KONGSBERG radar tank gauges. The order came from a Japanese shipyard which will use them for 2 units of newbuilding tankers. [Feb/03/2011]

Sojitz-owned Bulker to be Equipped with Ecochlor Treatment System

Ecochlor's ballast water treatment system, for which SOMEC holds dealership rights in Japan, will be mounted onboard a Sojitz-owned panamax bulk carrier scheduled for completion at the end of 2011. SOMEC is gearing up for the emerging market of ballast water treatment system, which responds to global environmental concerns. [Nov/30/2010]

First order for Swedish screw pumps

SOMEC received the first order for screw pumps and sludge pumps manufactured by Sweden's IMO AB from a Japanese shipbuilder. These pumps will go on board of 4 units of RO/RO vessels to be built for Europe-based owners. SOMEC is sales agent of IMO pumps in Japan in maritime-related market since 2009. [Oct/28/2010]

SOMEC received Certificate of Gratitude from Hitz

SOMEC received a certificate of gratitude from Hitachi Zosen K.K. (Hitz) in relation to its contribution to HItz' factory expansion at Ariake works. [Sep/28/2010]

SOMEC demonstrated Horiba / Ecochlor / IMO / Kongsberg products at SEAJAPAN 2010

SOMEC demonstrated Horiba's environmental measurement instruments, Ecochlor's Ballast Water Treatment System, IMO's pump product line and Kongsberg liquid level indicators at SEAJAPAN, Japan's biggest international marine tradeshow. [May/13/2010]

SOMEC demonstrated Ecochlor products and Japanese parts at MARINTEC CHINA 2009

SOMEC demonstrated Ecochlor's Ballast Water Treatment System, Fukushima Cargo Gears and other Japanese ship equipments at Marintec China, biannually held international tradeshow at Shang Hai. [Jan/15/2010]

SOMEC demonstrated Ecochlor products at BARISHIP

SOMEC demonstrated Ecochlor's Ballast Water Treatment System at Imabari Maritime Fair (BARISHIP) as sales agent. BARISHIP is an international maritime trade show started this year with support from shipbuilders, shipowners, government authorities in Japan. [June/15/2009]

Sanoyas chose SOMEC to replace Blasting System

SOMEC received an order from SANOYAS Hishino Meisho Corp. for state-of-the-art blasting system developed and manufactured by JFE Mechanical Co., Ltd. of Japan. [May/10/2009]

SOMEC sold 1000th unit of MD-SX Daihatsu Oil Mist Detectors (OMD)

As sales agent of Daihatsu Diesel, SOMEC has now sold more than 1,000 units of MD-SX, 2004-released OMD, to diesel engine manufacturers and shipowners across the Globe. [Apr/30/2009]

First Pintle-Hole Processing Machine Delivered to SAMSUNG HI

SOMEC delivered a new pintle-hole processing machine developed by Yasec to Korea's Samsung H.I. [Feb/20/2009]

Propeller-Boss-Hole Processing Machine Delivered to MHI Nagasaki

SOMEC delivered a new propeller-boss-hole processing machine developed by Yasec to MHI Nagasaki works. The machine needs only one step to finish the machining which traditionally required 3 processes. [Nov/5/2008]

SOMEC Sent a Big Team to Visit SMM at Hamburg

SOMEC sent a team of 10 people to SMM 2008, one of the biggest trade show in the industry, held biennially at Hamburg. [Nov/5/2008]

SOMEC Starts to Carry Ecochlor Products

SOMEC starts to carry ballast water treatment systems developed by USA's Ecochlor Inc., to serve shipowners and shipbuilders in Japan. [Mar/31/2008]

SOMEC invests in new FCW manufacturer in China

SOMEC invests in Kobe Welding of Qingdao, a FCW (flux cored welding wire) manufacturing company newly established in China. SOMEC takes 2.5% stake of the company. [Feb/25/2008]

New NC-Facing Metal Working Machine Made a Good Start

New Metal Working Machine, jointly developed by YASEC and Tsuneishi Tekko is well received by the market. The product enables ship builders and marine parts manufacturers to improve both efficiency and working environment, utilizing YASEC's unique high-speed NC-facing technologies. [Nov/30/2007]

McGREGOR's movable bridges to Japan's Aomori and Hakodate ports

SOMEC sold 2 sets each of McGREGOR designed movable bridges for Aomori and Hakodate Ferry Terminals. The new bridges will be used for the World's fastest and biggest alumi-alloy catamaran, of which SOMEC also arranged new building contract. [Aug/31/2007]

SOMEC to export Japan's Flux-copper backing welding system to shipyards in China

SOMEC received orders for a total of 8 Flux-copper backing (FCB) welding system from 4 Chinese shipyards. The systems will be manufactured by Kobe Steel, Japan's leading maker in the specific field. [Mar/31/2007]

Demand Increasing for Oil Mist Detector (OMD) as Proactive Security Device Onboard

Daihatsu Diesel's new OMD, MD-SX, which SOMEC is distributing as sales agent, is attracting wide attention from OCIMF members as proactive security device that can proactively monitor abonormal conditions when fitted in ship's engine and pump rooms. [Oct/31/2006]

SOMEC introduced innovative environmental system

SOMEC gave presentation of groundwater membrane-processing system developed by Wellthy Co., Ltd. at Keishokai Business Executives Meeting. [May/31/2006]

SOMEC imports electric propulsions for LNG carriers

SOMEC has received order from a Japanese shipyard for ABB a/s electric propulsion systems to be installed onboard 157,000m3 LNG carriers. [March/31/2006]

Hypoid gear export started

SOMEC's export of Asano Gear Co., Ltd's hypoid gear sets for Thai automobile makers started in full swing. [Jan/25/2006]

SOMEC co-hosted seminar at Marintec China 2005

At international show Marintec China 2005, SOMEC co-hosted with Mitsubishi H.I a seminar on UE engine and MET turbocharger. [Jan/25/2006]

New way, New value - Sojitz group slogan

New way, New value - Sojitz group slogan

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