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Machinery Trade
marine diesel engine crankshaft
We are a group of professionals with extensive experience in the field of import and export of ship and shipbuilding equipment. As the leading company of its kind in Japan, where one of the largest and most diversified shipbuilding and ship equipment industries of the world has evolved, SOMEC has an exceptional cooperation with domestic and international customers.

As of April 2006, we are sales agent for more than 70 companies (including 50 domestic makers) in Japan, and for 30 manufacturers in the international market. Machinery group annual turnover has reached J.Y. 65 billion for the fiscal year 2007.

Whether you are a manufacturer who wants to market your new products, or a shipbuilder who needs to source perfect equipment, we can bring the best solution to you, smartly bridging the geographical and cultural gaps. SOMEC provides a seamless quality service around the world through its international office network.

Ship Equipment

MHI fin stabilizerThe combination of long and unique experience with deep knowledge on local and global market has propelled us to our unrivaled position as a leading international supplier of ship-related equipment. We are especially proud of contributing to the international shipping industry by introducing innovative, high-quality and poorly known products to a market.

Our principal product line includes : main diesel engines, main turbines, electric propulsion system, boilers, generator engine, deck machineries, deck cranes, LNG compressors, other LNG carrier specific equipments, IAS, propellers, crankshafts, shafting systems, anchor chains, lifeboats, main switchboards and navigation equipment. We also arrange for package deal transferring ship design together with major equipments.

Shipbuilding Equipment

SOMEC also supplies shipbuilding equipment. Thanks to our long-term, time-built relationship with customers and a world-wide business network, we have a broad range of product line including jib and goliath cranes, load-carrying vehicle, painting and blasting machines, pipe bender and cutter, plasma cutter, welding system... among others. Fully utilizing our industry-specific expertise and product knowledge, we will offer the best equipment that just fits your needs.

Industrial Machinery & Environmental Equipment

To take advantage of our know-hows to market new products, we have diversified our product line with "non-marine" machineries. Included in our menu are : industrial robots, NC machine tools, automobile transmission gears and other industrial automation system, as well as groundwater membrane-processing system, NOx analyzer and other environmental system/equipment.


SOMEC received a letter of appreciation from MES

SOMEC received a letter of appreciation from Mitsui E&S Machinery for SOMEC's long-time partnership in selling their marine diesel engines. The accumulated production of MITSUI-MAN B&W diesel engines has recently reached 100 million horsepower. [Aug/01/2018]

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SOMEC will exhibit at BARI-SHIP2017 with Horiba Group

Teaming up with Horiba Ltd. and Horiba Advanced Techno, SOMEC will exhibit at "BARI-SHIP2017", the biannual international maritime show. Visit our booth at A-47 between May 25 and 27 ! [May/15/2017]

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See us at our booth H-41 @ SEA JAPAN 2016

SOMEC is scheduled to exhibit at "SEA JAPAN", the biggest maritime event in Japan which will take place on April 13-15, 2016 at Tokyo. [Apr/05/2016]

New way, New value - Sojitz group slogan

SOMEC and Horiba Exhibited at BARISHIP 2015

In collaboration with Horiba, Ltd., SOMEC exhibited at BARISHIP 2015, international maritime show held biannually at Imabari, Japan. The team Horiba-SOMEC presented measuring products to respond to the introduction of Tier III NOx regulations by IMO. [Jun/12/2015]

SOMEC named 'Top 10 Best Performer' by Ingersoll-Rand ITS

SOMEC received 'Top 10 Best Performance' award from Ingersoll-Rand ITS, a group company of air solutions giant Ingersoll-Rand, for its sales preformance in Asia-pacific area. SOMEC started sale of Ingersoll-Rand products to Japanese market since about 1 year. [Jan/06/2015]

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Japan's Deep Sea Drilling Vessel 'CHIKYU' to use Kongsberg riser management system

SOMEC has received an order from JAMSTEC for Kongsberg riser management system to be used on the world's first scientific drilling vessel with riser, d.v. 'CHIKYU', which is capable of drilling up to 7,000m deep sea floor. [Oct/11/2013]

SOMEC Showcased Ecochlor Products at BARISHIP 2013

SOMEC showcased Ecochlor's ballast water treatment system in BARISHIP 2013, a major trade show held May 23 - 25 at Japan's shipping capital, Imabari. [June/13/2013]

SOMEC Started Selling "Hard Echo"

SOMEC has started selling "Hard Echo", Shinko Inspection & Service's nondestructive testing device specially developed for the accurate measurement of case-hardened layer. [May/08/2013]

Ecochlor Receives USCG/AMS Acceptance

Ecochlor has received US Coast Guard Alternative Management System (AMS) acceptance for its full line of ballast water management systems. This will allow ship operators to use Ecochlor system in US waters to effectively manage their ballast discharges. SOMEC has dealership rights with Ecochlor for Asian countries. [Apr/23/2013]

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