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Sojitz Marine & Engineering Corporation

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SOMEC is a leader in the marine equipment business since more than half a century. With a solid and broad client base, ranging from ambitious start-ups to industry giants - equipment manufacturers, shipbuilders, and shipping companies across the globe - we are often behind "big" international projects to build luxury cruise ships, LNG carriers or large tankers.

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Whether you are a manufacturer who wants to market your new products, or a shipbuilder who needs to source perfect equipment, we can bring the best solution to you, smartly bridging the geographical and cultural gaps. SOMEC provides a seamless quality service around the world through its international office network.

Marine Equipment

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An exceptional combination of experience, passion, and knowledge on local and global market has propelled us to our unrivaled position as a leading international supplier of ship-related equipment. We feel especially proud of contributing to the international shipping industry by introducing innovative, high-quality and poorly known products to the market.

Products & Brands

Visit Products & Brands to view the list of the main brands we carry.

Marine Industry Processing Facility (Automated Production Equipment, After-sales Service)

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Your Dependable Integrator and Solution Provider

To shipyards and equipment manufacturers, SOMEC offers a wide array of production equipment that meets their needs to save cost, energy and manpower. Through our global network of experienced professionals we watch new technologies and innovations so that we can share with our clients. Our focus is on finding the best solutions for our customers and providing them with the exceptional after-sales service.

Main Products

Following are examples of typical products that we can offer :

  • Machine tools
  • FCB (welding equipment) and welding materials
  • heavy dutycarriers
  • plasma cutting equipment
  • various cranes
  • propeller and rudder fitting equipment
  • chamfering machines
  • double hull welding gantries
  • blastmachines
  • angle benders

Engineering Services

SOMEC is also an engineering service firm. Our collaboration with engineering companies from Europe and Americas allows us to introduce the newest solution to our clients.

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List of Makers
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News (Machinery Business)
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Our Machinery Team
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Shipping Business
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Ship Managing
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Office Network
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As the leading company of its kind in Japan, where one of the largest and most diversified shipbuilding and ship equipment industries of the world has evolved, SOMEC has an exceptional relationship with domestic and international customers.

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One-Stop Partnership
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